Some say that I’m a dreamer…

Sleep escapes me at the moment…I have too much on my mind, so I’ve decided that means I ought to sit and write.

I believe that people are waking up now. I don’t mean in the physical sense like I am at 4:30am this morning, but rather waking up to all the detrimental forces at work in their world. Food is at the forefront of everyone’s mind, and finally we are being more honest about the fact that a mostly plant-based diet is what we were all meant to eat. Processed foods, or “imitation foods” as they ought to be labeled, are being revealed as the obesity and cancer-causing poison they really are. More than ever, people are standing up to racism and bigotry, publicly and openly. As people become more tolerant and understanding of differences, we lose our patience with intolerance. Perhaps most important, we are seeing money corrupt our government in ways that would have been our founding fathers’ worst nightmare, though not a far-fetched one. We can now clearly see how dependent our politicians have become on an endless supply of campaign cash, and how there is no possible way their money chasing doesn’t skew their decisions while in office. I feel like the human race, particularly here in the United States, has been blinded by so many factors and suddenly we’re now starting to see the truth for the first time. And yes, the internet is making the truth spread faster than it ever could.

I hope these movements continue to gain momentum. I want everyone I know to understand how dangerous these problems can be and how desperately we must fix them. I used to look back at the 1960’s and be in awe of the movement the people created, the way they refused to allow their government to keep making the wrong decisions. Although history has a way of romanticizing itself with the help of time, I believe something happened back then that I hope is happening again right now. I used to believe people didn’t have it in them anymore, not Americans at least, to stand up to their government, or to big corporations, or to the bigots down the street. But they do. They really do. And they are. Its happening and change is going to occur as a result. Its that positive belief that making a difference is, in fact, possible. It starts with you. Its starts with me. It starts with a blog like this, information being shared, causes being backed, protests being held, letters being written, petitions being signed, dialogue being started that we won’t let die without results. I believe in a country that doesn’t listen to big corporations anymore, where we can have environmentally safe energy, food that doesn’t slowly sicken us, healthcare that actually makes us healthy, equality in both marriages and genders, elections based on merit and not money, religions that promote life and not death. I believe in a future that is better than our present, one that has truly learned from our past. There’s no reason to accept anything less…so let’s make it happen.

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