What the fuck?

Why does everyone seem to have an opinion they deem absolute and correct? Why is no one aware of their own fallacies? Maybe we just don’t like being aware of them. Maybe we forget that we’re one of billions of people on this planet, all trying to make sure our own voice gets heard the loudest, that our individual mark is the biggest. Where did the narcissism come from? Is that what the metaphor is about in the beginning of The Alchemist? Does one need to be a megalomaniac  to actually make a difference in this world? It feels like people are so focused on the effect that they forget about the cause, the reason, the drive, the why. Why are you reading? Why did I write this?

I wanted to be a commentator, but now I’m sick of everyone’s opinion, including my own. I’m tired of everyone thinking they have the answer, when clearly no one does. Certainly not the answer for everyone; at best, perhaps just for themselves. But no one remembers that part, it seems. Of course there are exceptions. There are exceptions to every rule but that proves my point. Why do things tend to get discussed in terms of absolutes rather than suggestion or building towards a complete idea. Its more destructive, not constructive.

I can’t help but be aware of the negativity this entry is producing. I’m making more of what I can’t stand. Is that what we are all programmed to do? We see our faults in others because we are most aware of those things in ourselves? Why does everyone act the way they do then?

Maybe this belongs in a journal and not on the internet. But this feeling makes me feel alone. I’d like someone else to be aware of this, whether I bring them to that conclusion or not. I want that person to not feel alone too. I want to start building something, not just acting with an end in mind. I want to think about discussion. About helping. About support.

Why do problems persist…so often violently? There’s a culture of “well, what the fuck is to be done?” and no one does shit. We sit on our asses and fucking type away and post and share and like and comment and do nothing. Change your fucking profile picture. Kony 2012. We’ve all done it. Its fucking pointless. It feels like a we’re collectively throwing a tantrum that serves to bother the ones that know better and nothing more. What was the last petition that actually changed something, besides add junk mail to your inbox? When did voting actually mater, besides picking which major corporations you’d rather have in power? When did eating right matter, besides picking the kind of cancer you prefer to die from?

Fuck. What the hell, man.

2 comments on “What the fuck?

  1. It can be extremely hard for some people to see shades of grey rather than the black and white they feel more comfortable with. I think some people require conflict and dichotomies in order to be content in their lives. Personally, I try to focus on offering opinion that is stated clearly as opinion and proven fact that is followed with a source. I think it is important for the opinions and ideas to be heard, since that is how people challenge their beliefs and, in the end, earn them. Some people, however, just see a ticket to the internet as a license to be an idiot.

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