My Personal Job Advertisement

This is an exercise from the book I’m currently reading, called How to Find Fulfilling Work by Roman Krznaric. You can purchase it here. It showed me how to write this “personal job advertisement” and then instructed me to email it to 10 people and ask for their specific suggestions as to what job or career I am best suited for. I decided to go a little more public with it and ask that you leave your suggestions in the comments below. If you are struggling with finding a career path, as I am, perhaps this book and activity will help you too.


Hello. My name is Barbara Williams. I am 27, of Mexican, Spanish and Welsh decent and I was born in Orange County, California. I lived in LA for about a decade, but I currently live in Lake Arrowhead. I am open to living in a variety of places, especially Oregon, Louisiana or Europe. I am particularly talented at listening to others, identifying potential solutions to any presented problem and I am a good communicator. I love all animals (especially my dog, Django), learning new things, researching various topics of interest (including health, history and people) and I enjoy reading, writing and practicing French (though I may not be very good at any of them). I believe in human rights, fair opportunities for all, and I enjoy helping the unloved feel loved. I tend to be quick-witted and thoughtful but I tend to have low self-confidence. I often second guess myself… and third and forth guess and so on. I can fear making a leap until I’m sure there’s a place to land, but sometimes I jump without thinking even once. I am an extrovert and feed on other people’s energy, as long as they’re willing to share it. I do not wish to become rich. I’d prefer just to make enough to pay bills and go out to eat, maybe travel occasionally. I’m sure a $40,000-$50,000 annual income would suffice. 

9 comments on “My Personal Job Advertisement

  1. Hi Barara,

    You may want to consider counselor as a job. And a specialty counselor preferred.

    By specialty, I mean a target subject such as health care, product oriented, or anything that you would have training and able to help others. This way, you can leverage your extrovert personality and overcoming the self -confidence (with the special knowledge).

    I thinkg the personal job advertisement is a good approach for you. Best of luck in your job search.

  2. Hi, Barbara.

    I appreciate your creative approach to identifying your career path!

    A couple thought spring to mind…

    A career in the non-profit world may be interesting for you, considering your interest in human rights, your extroversion, and not needing a huge salary. Cause-driven organizations can be great places to grow your skills in a supportive work environment.

    Which leads to my second thought: You might consider thinking about what skills you want to have and then look for a job that will help you build them, regardless of task or industry. Being specific about what we’re trying to get out of a position helps us, well…get more out of it. And a broader skill base means more career options in the future, when you have a clearer picture of what you want to do.

    Hope that helps a little! I look forward to reading where your journey takes you.


    • Thank you so much for your input! I have tried various careers in my 20s, from becoming an actor, a pilot, a lawyer… and now I’m finally moving into some kind of humanitarian/social worker/therapist/??? – any of which would be better suited to my personality and talents than anything mentioned previous. But I definitely employed that tactic, of finding employment or training in those fields/industries to get to know each one before I make the jump to actually do it. I’m glad too, since those ended up not being the right path.

      Your suggestions are valuable and I will keep them in mind as I move forward with this plan. I’m only half way through the book so I hope to discover more as I go. I enjoyed this exercise, at least!

  3. It’s really a brave step to open this open to the Facebook world!

    I’m really excited to see you taking these steps. I hope that doesn’t sound condescending at all. Given our similar circumstances I can see how big a step that would be for me, and again, I admire you for taking it.

    It seems to me, from a distance, that you are taking the reins of your life under your control. I applaud that.

    You have always been a magnetic, enthusiastic, thoughtful, and witty person. I felt, and currently feel that you have the world by the tail and you can go wherever you desire with the gifts and talents you possess. You truly are a rare person in this world. You love others and want to help them if you can. I can see you thriving in any area that requires you to have face time with others and allows you to speak into their lives. The first thought that came to mind was a social psychologist or an occupational therapist. Those two fields strike me as a perfect fit for your gifts and talents,

    Lastly, don’t ever worry about the money. If you do it for the money you will get minimal joy out of it and you are not designed that way. Find something you love to do and throw your heart and soul into it. You don’t need to chase the money. When your passionate about something and it doesn’t seem like work to you the money will chase you. The best thing about that is you know what you need to be personally comfortable. You can take the rest and make the world a better place. I can tell you from recent experience that following that path has made me happier than I’ve ever been in my life.

    • its so good hearing this from you, Kevin! You deserve all the happiness in the world. I have learned a lot from you throughout different points in my life and I’m so glad, through the magic of facebook, we’ve managed to reconnect.

      Also… you’ll be amused to hear I am studying for a math placement test right now… and consequently studying up on Algebra. I cheated on my homework way too much in your class and now I’m paying for it. Lesson learned… 14 years later! ;0)

  4. I’m not sure what the assignment in the book tells you to do, but this “job advertisement” seems a little too self-deprecating. Sure you should know your strengths and weaknesses, but an advertisement is no time to be modest, it’s a time to hook someone’s attention so they want more. So give people the good stuff. Don’t talk about how you’re not good at French, say you’re still a beginner. Don’t say you have low self-confidence. I wouldn’t want to hire someone who admittedly has low self-confidence for any type of leadership position, I would want a strong person who’s not going to second guess themselves and who will make a decision and execute it. Same goes with the fear of making a leap, because if you want any sort of leadership position or decision making position you need to be able to do that. I know you’ve been frustrated with the jobs you’ve had because they haven’t really challenged you or given you too much responsibility, but saying these things about yourself in an advertisement is not a good way to get a job that will challenge you, in my opinion.

    So, point being: you’re awesome, tell people that. Don’t tell them what’s not awesome about you. Wait for them to ask and then figure out how the things that aren’t as awesome can be worked with, maybe utilized, and hopefully overcome.

    2 cents. Not the ones you asked for, but I hope they help. I do not think counseling would be good for you, you’re too cynical, but I really like what Bernadine said about finding a job where you can gain the skills you want. The 2 cents you asked for: NFL quarterback, Sarah McLachlan stunt double, or new-age religious leader for dogs.

    • Its not a real job advertisement in the classic sense, Mikey. Just a declaration of strengths and weaknesses so friends/colleagues/strangers can accurately assess what career options I might enjoy pursuing. Nothing like some objective advice, eh? :0) Thank you for your insight nonetheless… haha. You’re right, I’m impressively cynical. I should have included that as a disclaimer about myself. I do want to start a dog church. I think I’d be a hit. ;0)

  5. I can see you working in the following positions:

    1. Author.
    I wish I could read your writing/blogging all day-errrdayyy! Hahaha! I remember one of your first websites that I stalked– umm– read, back in like 2006 when I first met you! I can see you penning and selling very successful novels and articles.

    2. Event Planner for a Non-Profit/Fundraising Organization.
    You have a multi-hyphenate background that shows skill in being an engaging host (charismatic, actor/performer, extrovert, excellent communicator), good at managing people and the direction of projects, and ensuring the execution of tasks. Non-profits rely on their events and fundraisers a lot, and you are pretty much the poster child for the type of person that can head that.

    3. Therapist/Counselor.
    I can also see you working as a therapist or counselor, particularly for at-risk individuals who are afraid of being judged and just need help. One of your many admirable qualities is that you are VERY MUCH a judgment-free zone and an enlightened spirit. I think you would be great at this too.

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