In the Grey

Its becoming so very difficult to talk about things these days. So many arguments are so poorly executed. People want things to be so much more simple than they ever could be. Conclusions are jumped to just to comfort the confused. Even on the basis of gender…society finds feminine women and masculine men “attractive” because there’s no ambiguity to sift through. Its just easier on our brains that way. Its my thought that religions are so popular because they take the thinking out of living… you just do what you’re told.

People have their side of things, their unique perspective. We all do. Every single one of us. Its hard to understand why someone might have a particular belief, but I strive to come closer to that understanding with every new person I meet. Especially every new person I argue with.

I find it especially difficult to reconcile the differences we all have with the need to coexist. I see why segregation happens. Again, life is easier when you’re surrounded by people who don’t challenge your routines, your daily life. And by segregation, I mean not only the “pockets” of specific races, cultures or religions that pop up and thrive in diverse communities like LA, NY or elsewhere… but also conservatives apart from democrats, straights apart from gays, even women apart from men in various capacities. I suppose we must highlight the inequalities in order to fight them, but then we run the risk of embracing them and driving the wedge into the chasm even further. People don’t change because someone argued with them on facebook. People change because someone they would have otherwise discredited on basis of belief, gender, culture, race or religion alone now is part of their family. In their company. Or on their team. We can only gain more understanding by diversifying our pool of influence and friendship to those we wouldn’t ordinarily pay any mind to. We must listen without judgment, explore without preconceived notions, experiment without any particular desired result.

Its exhausting trying to make anything make sense in this world, when no one wants to question their steadfast beliefs or believe there is truth in more than just one answer. Or even believe that there are no answers. I know I struggle with this myself so often and its hard to see any improvement when there’s always something new to try to comprehend. Turns out, it can be quite difficult to refrain from being a judgmental asshole.

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