Carry On

Its funny, the words you type at one point in your life can kinda…fall from your present truth so suddenly and easily.

I’m not saying all of it fell, but I think they just call that life. Makes me wonder why I bother writing anything down in the first place.

Well, for records. Just like my tattoos… I like to keep records and maps of where I’ve been so I can look back and remember how I got to where I am. Maybe most people don’t need the reminders… maybe a lot don’t want them. But I do.

I’ve mentally gone back a few years in the last month or so. Gone back, thought, revisited. So many souls in and out of my life…its a constant flux and sometimes I miss them when they leave. Sometimes I’m really glad they’re gone.

I know one can’t plan anything in life…so I’ve given up on that completely. I will continue to write whatever happens to be my current truth but I think its safe to say nothing stays constant and I won’t pretend it ever will. It makes life complicated in a good way, I suppose.

No good reason for this BS post. Just needed to put something new up tonight. It felt necessary.

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