Take Steps

Everyone is a journalist. In this day and age, we’ve been given a gift. We can all tell our story in a way never before imagined, with incredible ease. We all have the abilities of a camera, a camcorder, a typewriter in our pockets. We are not limited by publishers, editors, curators or gatekeepers. The soap box is vacant and we all have one to step onto. The possibilities are only limited by our time and willingness to share. I find that to be so inspiring. Its so powerful. We are all so powerful.

Its hard to think that there was a time when our connections were only with very close friends and immediate family, limited to the towns we grew up in, the school we attended. The internet has changed all of that. I try to appreciate this gift of communication as much as possible because the term “lucky” does not adequately describe those of us able to take advantage of this gift. I am privileged and I hope to be worthy of the charge.

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