Bartending Vlog – Episode 1

Hey! So I have been a bit silent lately. Fact is, I decided to get into bartending at night to supplement my income, just for a bit of a steady paycheck to make me comfortable in between freelance gigs as a website builder and content creator. I got a job just two weeks ago as a bartender, with no prior experience, and I’ve been training or studying every night since. I had my first crazy night totally on my own at my bar last night. It was fun, challenging, nerve wracking and anxiety inducing. I made mistakes and I definitely learned from all of them, which will hopefully make me not only a better bartender but also a better human. I love this kind of challenge. But then I realized I should be documenting this as part of my personal story of growth so you guys can come with me on my journey of learning and kicking ass. So here’s my first bartending vlog!! I hope you enjoy :0)

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